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Building Up
& Sending Out

Stewarding God's resources that we might build up Christ followers and send out disciple makers.

Four years of planning preceded the recommendation from the Building Committee and Church leadership. During that time, many options were considered. Discussions with our ministry groups, board and staff were ongoing. We remained focused on mission and ministries, not on building plans. Only when we concluded that we would be enhancing the proclamation of His name, did we recommend expanding our present facility. Our goal is to facilitate ministry by joyfully pursuing the Living God by building up and sending out.

It is that and more. While we pray the Lord will use this emphasis to provide resources for the new facility, the capital campaign is a time of teaching that God owns everything – our time, talents, and treasures; we are simply stewards. When we understand that, the rest takes care of itself. Our goal is that through stewardship teaching each of us will surrender everything to Jesus Christ.

Yes. Leadership's philosophy is that when a church divides into two separate serves, it produces two distinct communities that no longer truly know or invest in one another. Often times these communities will identify themselves by personal interest, styles, and desires. These go against God's design for the church to be one body with many, diverse parts. Furthermore, two services ask more of the same volunteer pool, and ultimately fails to meet many of the other needs like classroom space for Adult Bible Fellowships, Children's Sunday School, and Awana.

For more information on the campaign including answers to many more questions, or simply for ways to get involved in the campaign, please see the documents linked above.