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Biblical Counseling

Sometimes, we need help beyond general means of discipleship and encouragement.

Why counseling?

No matter how long we’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ, everyone needs fellowship and reminders of God’s truth to persevere, grow in our faith, and help others do the same.

Such encouragement typically happens through participating in Sunday services and getting together with other Christians regularly for bible study, prayer, and discussion about applying biblical truth to life.

Sometimes, we need help beyond those general means of discipleship and encouragement. Perhaps it’s a trial that’s hard to process, a long-standing pattern of sin, the impact of unwise choices, or a broken relationship. How do we continue to obey and trust God when it gets really hard? That’s the role counseling can take in the Christian life. It provides intensive and focused support for a particular issue to help us walk in obedience, faithfully steer life’s storms, and persevere when hope, reconciliation, or change doesn’t seem possible.

What type of counseling?

Trinity Baptist offers biblical counseling. We believe hope and change are possible – when Jesus Christ has lordship over all aspects of our life and when Scripture is both the authority and lens we use to understand, interpret, and work through and address our problems.

So, whether you’re having difficulties with a relationship, a hard time managing an emotion or changing your habits, or something else, our objectives are to:

  • Walk alongside you. While you have personal responsibility before God to repent from any known sin and to obey Him, you aren’t called to walk the Christian life alone. As your church, we have both the desire and responsibility to bear your burdens with you and love you in a way Christ has loved us.

  • Offer God centered rather than “you” centered counseling. As image bearers of God, our counseling goes beyond felt needs and self-esteem. We’ll help you see the larger picture of what God is up to in your struggles and your role in expanding His kingdom and being part of your local church.

  • Equip you to navigate life in this fallen world. We’ll help you dig beneath the surface to understand the root drivers of your actions, grow your relationship with Jesus Christ, and craft tangible ways to apply the Gospel to the day-to-day realities of your life and relationships.

How much does counseling cost?

Trinity Baptist provides counseling for members, active attenders*, and the general public**. The cost breakdown is highlighted below.

  • Members: no financial cost

  • Active attenders: handled on a case-by-case basis; may receive counseling at no financial cost

  • General public: available for an hourly fee; see contact info below

*Active attenders are those who are not members of Trinity Baptist, but who participate regularly in the life of the church and have most of their relationships here.

**The general public consists of those in the surrounding community who are not Trinity Baptist members or active attenders.

Members of Trinity Baptist Church are given priority for receiving counseling for two main reasons:

  1. The significance of church membership. While Christians are certainly called to love the wider body of Christ, membership in a local church confers an even deeper responsibility and accountability for shepherding and care, both for someone receiving the care and for those giving the care. Membership in a Gospel centered local church provides the kind of biblical instruction, relational connections, and mutual commitment that are critical to achieving the objectives of counseling.

    But that’s not all: church membership spurs a natural desire to help each other since our corporate concern for God’s holiness and name depends on and is impacted by the life and witness of individual members.

  2. Time and resources. The process of counseling can be time intensive. Our counselors use their gifts as a ministry to the church body and have to wisely steward their time and resources, and therefore prioritize members.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact Jason Hsieh by or call the church office at 616-361-2802.

Next, please complete and bring the following two forms to your first session or send them to the email address above.

informed consent introduction form